Welcome to the Documentation of Fork.

This page is still under development and not all of the chapters contain any information yet. If you want to help filling this page with useful information, join our Discord and we will show you how to do that.

First Steps

Here you will learn how to install Fork, create your first server, and import your world. Let's start!

Installation Guide

Table of Content:

  • Windows
  • Others


To download Fork, first go to webpage and click on the Dowload button.

After this you will be prompted to download ForkLauncher.exe Save it and put it in a location you have easy access and launch it to start using Fork.

When you first execute it, fork will be installed in %appdata%/Fork , and you will be prompted to make (or import) your first server.


As of now, Fork can only run on Windows but we're also working on solutions to bring Fork to Mac and Linux.

Your First Server

So, you have installed Fork and you want to start making servers to play with your friends, are you ready to learn how?

When we open Fork for the first time and we haven't made a server yet, we get a screen with 2 options. For now we're gonna teach you how to create a server. Let's click on the "Create a Server" button shown bellow.

After clicking it, we are prompet up with a lot of options. Don't panic! We explain in a further Doc how to config your server. For now let's see how we can get our server up and running.

We have different options of server:

Server Description
Vanilla The true classic minecraft server experience
Paper Plugin modified minecraft with better performance
Waterfall Network System for Minecraft Servers (Bungee)

We can choose whatever server type we want in terms of what we need, in this case, we're gonna stick with Vanilla to show how it works out the box.

As per the version, we can also choose it freely. The rest of the config will be looked in another Doc ahead.

Now that we're done, let's hit the green anvil button to finish making the server.

And voilĂ ! We've finished our server and hitted start and it's running. Good Job!

Importing your World

Wait, you don't want a new world? If that's your case, you're in the right section. Let's start.

First, let's do it in the Create a server section. When we start creating a server, we just scroll down till we find at the bottom the Misc section and we click on Click to select your World

When we do this, we will be prompted with your prefered file-manager and be asked to select a world. Remember it's important that you select the folder itself, not something inside.

When we have done it, it should look something like this:

But wait what if i want to do it with a server that's already created?

First, let's shutdown ther server and go into the settings, and select the "globe" icon.

Here we can import the world the same way we've explained before. Just select a folder and import it, and it's done!

Further note: If you have a server with multiple worlds (in the case for example of a multiverse Paper server) you can change individually each world created with the world list.

And that's all for this Doc.