Minecraft Server Manager GUI


Clean UI

Fork focuses on a easy-to-understand and robust user interface for new and experienced users alike.


No need to whip up your credit card.
But if you like the project and want to improve it help us cover the costs.

Open Source

Missing a feature?
Source Code for this project is publicly available so come by and add your code.

Up To Date

Fork is always up to date with the newest Minecraft, Paper, etc. releases
Let's explore those caves together!

Multiple Servers

Run multiple Minecraft servers at once and combine them into a single network using Waterfall and play with ALL your friends.


Full support for Paper and we also have a fancy manager for your plugins. Never spend hours to find this one plugin anymore.


Fork can only run on Windows but we're also working on solutions to bring Fork to
Mac and Linux

Fast Support

Couldn't run your fancy server?
Hop on our Discord Server and we'll
help you out.


System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Version 1607 or later (64bit)
  • Windows Server 2016 or later (64bit)
  • Windows Server Nano Version 1809 or later (64bit)

Latest Update

  • Added Java detection and warnings
  • Added feature to start server with Fork
  • Added Resource Pack and Server Icon support
  • Performance improvements
  • Lots of smaller Bugfixes (Thanks to the Discord Bughunters)


What exactly is Fork?

Fork is a server wrapper or server GUI manager for Minecraft. It helps you to create, configure and manage your Minecraft server super easy.

Why is Fork Windows only?

Fork targets casual Minecraft player like you and Windows has the highest userbase. But we also work on some fancy magic to make Fork available on Mac and Linux.

How do i use Fork?

Just download and run the Fork Launcher. It should be pretty self-explanatory, but we will setup a documentation in the future. For now you can just ask your questions on our Discord.

Why is Fork free?

We believe that free OpenSource projects profit everyone in the Minecraft community.
If you like the project support us on Ko-Fi.

Can Fork servers run 24/7?

Technically, yes. But your PC has to be running 24/7 as well. You will still be home hosting your server we're just making it easy for you.

What is port forwarding?

To allow players from outside your house to join your servers, you probably have to forward the servers ports.
How to do this